The Dangers of the “Passionate” Programmer

It seems to be all the rage these days to describe oneself as “passionate” about something when in the tech field. Whether it’s agile, unit testing, SCRUM, UX, or something similar, every one seems to be passionate about something. But what does this really mean? Looking at the definitions on we have the following: […]

Dapper vs. EF 6, Part 3: The Winner

In the first two parts of this series, we have set up both Dapper and EF 6 to pull back records from the Production.TransactionHistory table of the AdventureWorks 2012 sample database that Microsoft puts out as a starting point for many of its sample products. Our goal in this series has been to evaluate which tool […]

Dapper vs. EF 6, Part 2: Setting up EF 6

In the first part of this series we set up a simple data access class using Dapper that retrieved all of the rows from the Production.TransactionHistory table of the AdventureWorks 2012 database. In this part, we will set up the same functionality using EF 6. Setting Up EF 6 We will be building off of […]

Dapper vs. EF 6, Part 1: Setting Up Dapper

A friend of mine made the statement that EF 6 was just as fast as Dapper when it comes to retrieving small amounts of data. I told him I didn’t believe him; this three-part series is intended to prove one of us right. The first part of this series will be setting up a quick […]

Turning On Line Numbers In Eclipse

All developers should have line numbers turned on in any code editor that they work with. Conversely, all code editors that developers work with should have line numbers turned on by default. It continues to boggle my mind how any IDE comes with line numbers off by default. On the list of mind boggling IDEs […]

Gentle TDD–FizzBuzz Kata

In this post, I demonstrate a solution to the popular FizzBuzz problem using TDD. Given the relative straightforward nature of the problem and corresponding solution, there is no narration. Instead, there’s a cool techno track. Enjoy, and as always, comments are welcome!

3 Inches To Being A Better .NET Dev

I’ve worked with a lot of developers in my time, and I’ve come to realize that just like Al Pacino says, “life is a game of inches.” Or in this case, .NET development is a game of inches. Here are three of those inches that will help any .NET developer become better. 1. Line Numbers […]