Top 3 Most Popular Drones for Sale


There is no benefit in denying the obvious, but drones or otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles today come with exceptional auxiliary features that make it the ideal solution for R/C enthusiasts, next generation filmmakers, extreme sports hobbyists or perhaps someone just looking to enjoy the best of technology. For instance, some come with HD viewing, Smart-phone Connectivity, Enhanced Flight Time, Wi-Fi Functionality and auto-return features so that you never lose drone even in poor network or weather conditions. Furthermore, the exterior design is intended for impact and scratch resistance, so your drone has added durability when you are still mastering the controls. The following is a compilation of some of the most popular drones for sale:

3DR Solo Quadcopter

This 3DR solo Quadcopter comes with comes with aerial imaging specific flight modes including follow me and cable cam for the maximum user functionality. Furthermore, it comes with an exceptional flight stability, Quadro rotor configuration and autonomous flying that are powered primarily by the twin computer flight central processing unit. The flight controller relies on navigational coordinates from the GPS, plus data from accelerators, gyros and other sensors to keep the aircraft stable at all times. It also comes with a Solo Gimbal and 3-axis stabilizer that are compatible with G0Pro HERO 3 and 4 action cameras. Additionally, it comes with a pre-bound transmitter that has an ergonomic design synonymous to that of a video game controller. Aside from dual joysticks it comes with dedicated dials that operate the solo gimbals. It also comes with an app that provides complete control over the aircraft and this Go Pro Unit as well.


DJI Phantom 3 Quad-copter

The Phantom 3 Professional is a clear demonstration of DJI`S obsession for progression and innovation with a host of brilliant functionalities. For instance, it comes with a fully stabilize 3-axis 4k UHD video camera for crisp, detailed and still photos. To view what the drone sees, the DJI comes with a new generation of Light-bridge Technology that allows 720p HD digital streaming of real-time footage from your unit. You can control the camera and the video as you operate the unit and even shatter the footage on social media by using the app. To enhance indoor flying, the Phantom 3 Professional comes with an integrated array of optical and ultrasonic sensor and call vision placement systems that allow users to operate their units indoors even without GPS signals. Other exceptional auxiliary features include intelligent battery usage, inbuilt database for no-fly zones, auto take-off and landing as well.


Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter

The Yeneec Q500+ Typhoon Quad-copter comes with a complete ready to fly design. It also comes with a 16 Mega-pixel Full HD 1080P 6OFPS camera with a contemporary lens that produces lower image distortion and added image quality. Furthermore, users also receive real-time footage on ample sized 5.5-inch touch screen on the ST10+ that offers a perfect view of what the drone sees to provide added frame to your shots. The follow me feature allows users the drone to autonomously follow the pilot, and calibrating the locations with regards to its transmitter. This Yuneec unit also comes with an extra long flight time of up to 30 minutes and an intelligent 5,300-maH battery. Perhaps the most exceptional feature of this Q500 4K is that it comes with an integrated Android controllers, so there is no need to use your hand-held device for added control.

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8 Ultimate Tips For Android Developers

Here are eight ultimate tips for all the Android beginner developers!

  1. IDE

Even though the majority of development of Android Apps revolves around Eclipse, it still provides a drag-and-drop interface only. Therefore, there is much more to be done with your choice of IDE which will ultimately affect your end result. Therefore, if you want to make a good Android application make sure you make a good choice of IDE.

  1. Think Of The User

photoMake sure that your app will be functional on most of devices. That is to say, your app should be compatible with the current version of Android. Since the sometimes the official releases are well ahead the users, it is important that most of all you think of your end-user. You would want the user to be satisfied and make an app which is useful to them.

  1. Test Your App

Needless to say, prior to distributing your app you should test it. That being said, you should use a real device to test it, not an emulator, since they are really not as good at portraying the real situation. Actually, it’s for the best that you have at least two devices so that you can test various things such as SMS, Bluetooth and other. It is also an advantage if these devices have screens of different sizes.

  1. Learn How To Use XML

XML2You are probably aware of the fact that all the Android apps are based on XML, therefore if you do not know how to use XML you’re gonna have a bad time! Surely, you could probably find a way to go about it and don’t use XML, still, it is probably for the best that you acquire the skills of using XML as they will come in handy for various reasons.

  1. Find A Designer

You will definitely need the help of a professional designer. However, if you think you are good at this you can design your app all by yourself! Furthermore, you will have to adapt your design for screens of different sizes. Also, you should probably read the official Android Design guidelines.

  1. Android Solutions

android-profWhenever it is possible you should use Android-specific solutions in order to provide a simpler and better performance of your app. You should consider various services and packages which will ultimately help you achieve this.

  1. Use Google

Google is your answer, to almost all of life’s problems. If you are developing an Android app perhaps you should look the answer to your problem on Google. You will literally be able to find the answer to your problem and fast too.

  1. Software Development

developmentYou will probably still have to test your app extensively and make an effort to separate the UI code from the business logic. Therefore, all the good software practices also should be applied when it comes to Android apps development. Having some general experience in software development should make programing Android apps so much easier and faster.

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